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Take This Love by Stephanie Anne Johnson and The Hidogs (2019)

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Take this Love by Stephanie Anne Johnson and The Hidogs. 2019.

"The album navigates a classic, can’t-miss pathway through love, romance, and heartbreak, so as such it’s very much a mood-and-vibe record. Like any good Americana album, many of the songs are built on an acoustic foundation. Here, that’s layered on by The Hidogs’ instrumentation—a mix that establishes a groove as lived-in and genuine as a favorite worn denim jacket." - Artist Home

1. Never No More

2. Talk to Me

3. Whisper

4. The Best

5. You're Like The Sun

6. 2 AM

7. Makin' Love Ain't The Same as it Used to Be

8. Not a Day Goes By

9. I Want You

10. A Song About Holding Hands

11. Take This Love

12. Some of You

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